2016 Girls Major Showcase Schedule

Friday, August 5th Playoff Pairings

5:00 PMBlueShamrocks (National 2nd)1Mass Pub/Cath (American 1st)3Semifinals
5:30 PMGoldMid-Atlantic (National 6th)1Metro (American 5th)4
6:30 PMBlueCentral (National 1st)3Rhode Island (American 2nd)2Semifinals
6:30 PMGoldMid-Atlantic (National 6th)0Northeast (National 5th)3
7:30 PMGoldNortheast (National 5th)2Metro (American 5th)0

Saturday, August 6th Playoff Pairings

9:00 AMBlueEastern (National 4th)3New England (American 4th)6
9:00 AMGoldMinnesota (National 3rd)3Mass Preps (American 3rd)3
10:30 AMBlueCentral1Mass Public/Catholic2Championship Game
10:30 AMGoldShamrocks3Rhode Island53rd Place
4:00 PMBlueRed All-StarsBlue All-Stars
5:00 PMBlueRed All-StarsMaroon All-Stars
6:00 PMBlueBlue All-StarsMaroon All-Stars

If on a mobile device, you can scroll to view more of each table. Or, turn your phone sideways and view the screen the wide way. If you would like a PDF of the full schedule, click HERE.



1st Place – Central
2nd Place – Shamrocks
3rd Place – Minnesota
4th Place – Eastern
5th Place – Northeast
6th Place – Mid-Atlantic


1st Place – Mass Public/Catholic
2nd Place – Rhode Island
3rd Place – Mass Preps
4th Place – New England
5th Place – Metro

Tie Breaker Rules

1.) Head-to-Head result (only if 2 teams are tied)
2.) Fewest Goals Allowed
3.) Best Plus/Minus
4.) Most Wins
5.) Most Goals Scored
6.) Coin Toss